5 Ways to Deal with Mobile Legend Trollers

5 Ways to Deal with Mobile Legend

5 Ways to Deal with Mobile Legend Trollers – Don’t get emotional when you meet a toxic player wherever you are. My mood has become a mess, plus my rank has dropped in value. As a result, we even felt disadvantaged at the time of the game.Mimin is sure that players who often play Mobile Legends will usually meet various players with magical characters. Even at the moment there are people who like to troll in mobile games, one of which is Mobile Legend, to the extent that some often practice AFK.

Automatically even makes emotions appear! Oh wait, do you guys already know the meaning of the term trolling in Mobile Legends? Those who have been playing for a long time sometimes still feel confused about how to deal with trolling players? Well, there’s no need to think long and hard, let’s read the patterns and strategies in the article below carefully!

– Deliberately doing AFK during the game. Sometimes they chat with the excuse of saying goodbye, guys.

– Throwing offensive insults at teammates or opponents so that they get emotional.

– Feeding, alias intentionally looking for death to lower the win rate of the players.

– Deliberately throwing your teammates into the opponent’s area while using Jawhead (the hero fighter in ML that is most often used to troll the players).

– Deliberately not playing seriously. For example, not releasing skill 3 when using Estes.

– Grab the buffs needed by other heroes.

How, to be honest, just reading it makes us feel upset and angry, doesn’t it, guys?

The Right Way to Deal with a Toxic Player

If you play without the ML squad, we will indeed meet such model humans. However, take it easy guys. When dealing with trolls in the Mobile Legend game, there is no need to deal with emotions. Take it easy and let’s follow the advice from Mimin in the following article.

  1. Ignore

The purpose of trolling in Mobile Legends is to make other players feel annoyed. Well, then from that, don’t follow what they want. Let’s assume the player is AFK. Don’t count him as part of a solid team. When needed, chat and arrange your own strategy pattern with the rest of the players who are in a sane condition. Keep in mind, the sane will usually win when mabar!

  1. Be patient and accept fate

Mimin knows why, for this one suggestion it can be considered a clich√©. It’s not easy to hold back our emotions when we meet a model player like this. Especially if you are trying to push rank. Until in the end the risk of losing is greater and we can drop down the rank. When this happens, take a deep breath, guys. For the rest calm your mind and just accept your fate.

  1. Using items to counter skill trolling

For point one, this only happens when there is a toxic user who uses Jawhead. Skill 2 Ejector is like a double-edged sword. Can be used on opponents or vice versa, used on friends.Because it is often used for trolling, Moonton himself even intentionally made a special item to counter Jawhead’s skill 2. This item option is in the ‘Magic’ section, so don’t forget to use it whenever there is a Jawhead in our team. Yes, the intention is just to be careful.

  1. Doing reports

It can’t be denied that toxic players are unsettling, and therefore make sure we report them when the game is over (hope you don’t lose, guys). To do this, click the “Report” button on the right and immediately report this trolling player. Don’t forget we give reasons to Moonton, whether he is cheating by using cheats, intentionally feeding, or likes to make fun of each other. If a penalty is awarded, their score can be reduced and Moonton will ban them from playing for a certain period of time.

  1. Immediately block the account

It is not enough to just report. So that we don’t meet these players again, we should block them directly. For the steps, click “Add Friends“, then search for the name or ID of this toxic player. As soon as you meet, just block! That way, we will no longer be matched with that player by the Mobile Legends algorithm. Free and free from the toxic player’s trap!

When playing with typical random people, we really can’t expect much from that. Met a good player, thank you. Get a toxic one, just be patient and try the method above. Mimin can only pray that we don’t often meet trolling players as Mimin explained above, guys!¬†Thank you for reading the article about 5 Ways to Deal with Mobile Legend. I hope it can help readers and gamers wherever you are

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